Eternityl Engagement Eternity Ring  S Bar set CZ's 

• This is a Rhodium Plated Ring.
Cubic Zirconia Triple AAA Quality stones.

Our rings are hypoallergenic( no allergic reaction as in totally safe to wear.)


This is Fashion jewelry, rhodium plated. It should not be worn 24-7 as it is not a precious metal.
As with any plated jewelry, proper care is suggested for many years of wear Plated fashion jewelry should not be worn in the shower-ocean-pool, etc


Real Imposters Jewelry follows the latest styles and helps anyone look trendy without having to spend a small fortune on buying real jewelry. Real Imposters Jewelry is an easy way to save money and yet look classy without investing in something so expensive that is bound to go out of style in a few years.

Eternity Engagement- Anniversary Ring S Bar set CZ's

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  • Your most important ring is very important to us. We have created the perfect alternative to that $5,000 plus engagement ring. A ring that will last forever. A ring that is impressive and so sensational that you will never want to replace it. 
    No need to take it off when doing dishes, showering or swimming in the ocean. Take that huge investment and put a down payment on a house. We have reproduced or upgraded the design of diamond engagement rings from the most famous International Jewelry houses.  Of course they are Real Imposters rings. You have come to the right place.
    Combines stainless steel and titanium or chrome. Our rings are hypoallergenic( no allergic reaction as in totally safe to wear.) We use the very best triple AAA cubic zirconia and /or Swarovski crystal). Our rings Never turns green or tarnish.